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Andrea BahamondesOne on One Coaching means the focus is solely on you. It’s about your life, your worth and your change in this world

There are truths that get forgotten.

We get busy. We get lost. We get jaded. And, somewhere along the way we no longer remember what it was like to feel inspired.

To be on fire.

Why? You’re not entirely sure. All you do know is that it’s time to wake up. Shift. Rebalance.

And, you know it’s time to invest in yourself.

Your voice, your freedom, your creativity awakens when you dare to dig deeper

Digging deep means connecting to your own naked truth. It means asking yourself questions that make you feel uncomfortable, questions that have no easy answer…

the ones with no copy and paste version.

It’s about defining and ultimately breaking free of the thoughts that stop you dead in your tracks, keep you from dancing to the sound of your drums and being wildly successful while being true to yourself.

The sweet spot between uncertainty and clarity–that’s where the magic happens.

Taking a step back. Pausing. Slowing everything down.

When you’re able to find a safe place, relax and communicate about the issues that truly matter, the real work can begin.

Having a bold and sensitive coach that can help you ask the right questions at the right time and guide you along on your journey to finding the answers can make the difference between spinning your wheels and effecting lasting change.

This is how I work

My aim is to create a space where you can allow your mind to slow down and take the time to ask yourself the questions that need to be answered. No matter where you are in your personal journey towards change, I will work to:

  • Help you find clarity of meaning in your life

  • Address your goals and seek out concrete solutions to achieving them

  • Provide you with the tools to articulate what it is inside that’s keeping you stuck

  • Hold you accountable

And, cut through the bullshit getting in the way of making meaningful progress.

“Each call is like a giant beam of warm sunshine on my heart. She keeps me following my path, even on the days when I would rather be grumpy on the couch with a bag of potato chips. And that’s pretty amazing!” Michelle Gardella, photographer

Book my one on one coaching call with Andrea

$99 includes a 1 hour coaching phone call

Here’s what to expect

After purchasing your 1 hour coaching session, you’ll receive a link to a thought provoking questionnaire. The one that holds the golden key to your betweenness. The inner realm of your uncertainty and clarity. You’ll ponder. You’ll start to delve deep inside yourself.

Your answers will:

  • Provide me with an understanding of how you view the world and your place in it

  • Give us a starting point to see where you are now and insights into how I can help you move forward

Once completed, I’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule your session.

What you get

An experienced and passionate personal development coach with over 6,000 hours spent studying and working in the field, I’m ready to devote an hour helping you make sense of where you are in your life right now and how to get you where you want to be.

What this really means

I get you to that place where the magic happens. It’s where you can pause, reflect and connect with your inner truths. And, find those things like confidence and acceptance that have been missing for so long.

“I have now referred other entrepreneurial friends to Andrea and all of them have seen incredible amounts of life change thanks to the role she has played in their lives. I could not recommend her highly enough. Truly, she’s the type of person our world needs more of!” – Jessica Cudzillo, The Define School

Are you ready to start digging deep?

My clients are primarily women who have realized the need for creating sustainable change in their lives must become a priority. They are individuals who:

  • Are willing to look beyond their imperfections and start embracing their strengths

  • Want to finally set aside the time necessary for exploring what they need

  • Understand being committed to learning how to view themselves and their world from a different perspective to enact change takes courage

  • Know they want more from their lives and are ready to find out how to get it

Let me help you embark on your journey to find your deepest truths. Own your history. Discover your purpose.

I’m here to help you get {naked} and get rid of whatever doesn’t serve you in your life.

Your only commitment is to set aside 1 hour of your time to create growth and change. I can guarantee you will feel supported and empowered to take on whatever is next in your life.

Begin my journey to empowerment

$99 includes 1 hour coaching phone call


After initial coaching session, 3 and 6 month coaching packages are available.