The Tiny but Mighty Guide to Self-Discovery

Warning: This tiny but mighty guide is for people with the guts to look within to achieve success. If you’re looking for excuses outside yourself, and trying hard to avoid failure. This is not for you.


Over 50% of the US population are women, roughly 160 million of us. From different paths, different ages, different cultures, but we all share something in common–our drive for change.

Our growth doesn’t stop when our teenage years are over, we continue to evolve spiritually, emotionally, professionally, etc.

We have been taught to see ourselves as broken when we reach a point of insecurity, unclarity, or stagnation.

There is nothing to fix!

You are experiencing a natural push for growth, and you will feel this at different stages in your life.

My invitation is to begin seeing yourself as someone that is constantly blooming. This is the  foundation of your happiness.

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What do I truly want? or What’s missing?

When was the last time you had these type of questions in your mind?

Usually when we are stuck in the wrong career, feeling lonely, a little lost, without much purpose in life–we tend to make other inquiries.

Something like:

What the heck is wrong with me!?

I am going to share with you how my inquiry began and what led me to one of the most powerful discoveries in my life… Read More


Guest Post by Selina Pagan

LOVE FOR LOVE’S SAKE: Are you open to receiving?

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – A Course in Miracles

One of the greatest barriers we build against love is a withholding of our own self-love, and consequently this is one reason why many relationships fail – we enter into them as a means to an end: we’re afraid to be alone and we’re hoping another person can love us in ways we do not express to ourselves. As a result, we’re setting up our relationships on a shaky foundation of fear and deprivation. Read More

A Valentine’s Day: Getting Closure & Calling in the One (Part I)

Guest Post by Selina Pagan

As Valentine’s Day nears, I’ve been considering how to face it and wondering how many people are in the same boat as me – slightly heart weary but hopeful that love is just around the corner. So many of us have experienced some kind of heart break and have gone through the waves of grief and confusion only to come out on the other side of it, stronger than before and wiser for the journey.

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Michelle Gardella

Guest Post by Michelle Gardella author of River Story

“But, Mommy,” she cries, “I can see something! I can!”

It’s 2:00am and my four-year-old daughter is sitting up in bed, tears streaming down her cheeks. In the darkness she says she can see things moving, and no matter how many times I turn on the lights, or sing her sweet songs, she’s still convinced something frightening is lurking in the shadows. And all I can do is hug her and reassure her, “I know exactly how you feel. But I promise, you are safe.”

This past year has been filled with my own boogie-man moments. Times when I was convinced, without a doubt, that  something was surly lurking around the corner, waiting to take me down.

It sounds so dark and dreadful, but the more risk-takers and rule-breakers I talk with, the more I am realizing it’s all just part of the territory. Read More